The first chief supervisor unit of Guangdong Sign Industry Association(GDSIA)
Jinbin Teng-yue building roof large signs
Case description

In 2009, our company became a one-stop service provider for the roof signboard of Jinbin Teng-Yue Building from installation to installation.

Located at the intersection of Huaxia Road and Huaqiang Road, adjacent to the three main roads of Huangpu Avenue, Guangzhou Avenue and South China Main Line, Binteng Building is located at the gateway of Zhujiang New Town CBD. It is close to Civic Square Station, Sports West Railway Station, Metro Line 5, Line 3 Pearl River New City Station, highlighting the incomparable advantages of commercial office location. Jinbin Teng Yue Building is the first commercial CBD specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhujiang New City CBD, which helps SMEs in Zhujiang New Town to grow up.