The first chief supervisor unit of Guangdong Sign Industry Association(GDSIA)
Production and research

PinZhi Sign own aninnovative team to help our clients maximize their brand exposure.

We can perfect turn the design concept into reality,exploring the core value of brand, together with our customers to provide cost-effective solutions. And therefore to help clients to improve their brandimages, assist them to meet the needs of the visual recognition system. Weprovide design, manufacture, install indoor and outdoordisplay, furniture and visual engineering as a one-stop service.

Our capabilities through 25 years of practice can besummed up as three visual image management models.

1, One-stop visualimage management model.

Starting from the design, on-site survey, manufacture,installation,  maintenance andafter-sales service.

2, 360-degree brand vision recognition model

We understand the positive impact that a great sign canhave on every business. Therefore we are usingunique technology including diagnosis, optimization, design, implementation andother systems engineering that we have developed over time, we can help ourclients attract the most customers at the least cost. Brand recognition systemhighlights the quality of the company and conveys the brand value. So thatdeliver the brand value is very important to all of us.

3, Project service 1+1 model

The core members of each project service are made up ofIndustry experienced project director and well-trained project manager. Theywould follow up the entire process, helpcustomers to understand and supervisethe whole project process from design, production, logistics, engineeringtechnology to after-sales service. Our professional teams are capable ofdeveloping solutions in time, to help customers to provide high quality brandimage promotion services at the least cost.

In addition, in order to ensure that our products will beable to keep up with industry trends, we will devote special funds each year todevelop new products and study advanced technology, so that to keep ourproducts can always be ahead of the industry and offer the best customerservices possible.

▲Well-equipped standardized production workshop